About Us
QLands is a Costa Rica-based software consulting company founded in 2007 by CEO Carlos Quiros. It exists to provide support to International Research and Development Organizations in the areas of Data Management and Decision Support Tool development. Over the past 14 years QLands has provided solutions to a variety of organizations like CABI, IPAS, ILRI, CSIRO and CGIAR.

In 2017, QLands started the development of FormShare, an advanced software solution program that is tailored to tackle the challenges of Research and Development Organization in managing mobile data collection. FormShare reached a stable/production level in 2019 and gets regular updates and improvements. 

FormShare is currently in use by numerous organizations such as IPAS, The Alliance Bioversity-CIAT and the Ministry for Agriculture of Costa Rica.

Our team

Carlos Quiros


Carlos is an ICT4D expert with over twenty years of experience supporting international agricultural research and development organizations with skills such as mobile data collection, data management, and interoperability.

He is actively involved in numerous ICT4D projects like FormShare, ClimMob, Ushauri, and others to address global agricultural challenges.

Carlos leads the development of FormShare and co-leads the Digital Solutions team at the Alliance of Biodiversity and CIAT.

Dr. Katie Tavenner


Katie is a social scientist with over 10 years of experience in international gender research in diverse areas like agriculture, biodiversity conservation, climate change, food security, livestock systems, and natural resource management.

She has extensive experience with qualitative and quantitative data collection, management, and analysis.

Katie holds a PhD in Rural Sociology and Women’s Studies from The Pennsylvania State University.

Karol Araya

Senior Project Financial Advisor

Karol is a Professional in Business Administration with 15 years of experience performing operational, administrative, and financial functions in companies and institutions related to tourism, agriculture, and research and development. 

She has experience in working in multicultural and international environments, and has the ability to manage the resources of the organization, ensuring compliance with internal controls and the application of the normatives and procedures to ensure the proper functioning of the organization to achieve the proposed economic and social objectives