2 thoughts on “FormShare the continuation of FormHub”

  1. Hello,
    I am an Infectious disease working with tubeculosis in Brazil, and Ia have been using odk derivatives as a tool for data colection and implementationtool for decission making suport. Formhub was for our group a revolution as compared with pure odk, and enketo opened the possibility of device agnostic data colecction.
    After the end of formhub and ona birth we get very excited with then but in the last month with the changes they made we too get worried about how to contribute with the developement/use of the formhub aproach.
    Thanks for your work and we are going to run it locally.

    Rafael Galliez

    1. Hello Rafael,

      Excellent! I am glad you will run it locally. If you face any problem add them as issues in GitHub and I will react to them.


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