Learn about the services that QLands runs.
From Data management plans, data cataloging and custom Formshare extensions.

Centralizes data

Store your data in a consistent way inside a relational database without duplicates or inconsistencies.

Complete mobile support

FormShare supports data collection technologies like OpenData Kit (ODK).

Decentralizes data access

Create collaborations around data and allow access from any location using common tools like Excel, STATA or R.

Tracks changes

Browse through your data online and track and manage the changes made to it.

Data Management Plans

A data management plan outlines how data is to be handled during a data collection project, as well as after the gathering of data has concluded, and the analysis and data outputs are generated.

 The goal of a data management plan is to consider many aspects of data management such as collection, curation, anonymization, metadata generation, accessibility (open or closed), and preservation (final storage + cataloging + discovery). Along with how these are operationalized according to the business model of your organization (processes + staffing).

 A data management plan leads to data being well-managed in the present and with proper guidelines for preservation in the future. QLands advises organizations on how to streamline processes and determine staff requirements to achieve a healthy data management culture.

After the analysis and data outputs are generated from the raw data, it is important to ensure preservation of the final dataset.

Preservation is not only about final storage but ensuring that data can have a significant impact across time. This is done by publishing data in ways that are searchable and with sufficient catalog metadata to be usable by others. QLands helps organizations in implementing metadata cataloging standards like DDI and Dublin Core to allow organizations to properly document datasets for enhancing usability.

QLands also supports organizations on setting up and customizing major dataset portals like CKAN (User guide — CKAN 2.9.3 documentation) and Dataverse to ensure datasets follow FAIR principles (FAIR data).

Dataset cataloging and Discovery

Custom FormShare extensions

FormShare comes with dozens of features to help you manage complex data collection projects with ease. 

However, organizations have different ways of working with data and different ideas of what they would like to accomplish with it. We created FormShare in a way that is 100% extendable to satisfy any possible business model. 

For example, we can customize FormShare to:

  • Authorize users against the Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Create actionable data pipelines with Zapier or OpenFn to pay data collectors in real time using Mobile Money Services based on the number of submissions received and their quality.
  • Integrate collected data with Remote Sensing data like NDVI or CHIRPS ,to produce maps of vulnerability to climate change in real time.
  • Integrate FormShare with cataloging software like CKAN or Dataverse so datasets are preserved and published with one click.
  • Seriously, anything that you had thought to be impossible to do with your data, FormShare can do it!