What is GOBLET?

GOBLET is a series of command line tools for manage and make analysis in GIS data

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Classifies a grid dataset using a classification code and values from and to


Combines a series of classified grid datasets into a result grid datasets


Generate statistics from the grid datasets


Calculate operations in and between grid datasets


Display information about a dataset

Benefits Of Use GOBLETS for GIS Processing

GOBLET is a series of command line tools to easily perform spatial operations on GIS data. Each tool performs a specific spatial operation. The main purpose of having a set of command line tools is to facilitate the use of GOBLET in scripts like R or Python or in 3rd party applications like the Feed Resources Framework and the Development Domains. GOBLET is open source and cross platform. It can be build on Windows, Linux and Mac.

Each GOBLET command line tool can be execute in a local database (created with goblet-createdb) or in a remote server. The remote option allows GOBLET to perform spatial operations in high performing MySQL servers or MySQL Cluster servers.

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